Living as an expat in The Netherlands offers a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant cultures and diverse landscapes that The Netherlands and countries beyond have to offer. For those seeking to maximize their expat experience, one event that should be on your radar is the Vakantiebeurs. This annual travel fair is a travel trove of information and inspiration for those who wants to make the most of their expat experience.

what is Vakantiebeurs?

Vakantiebeurs, translated as ‘Holiday Fair’, is a travel and tourists exhibiton. Held annually in the city of Utrecht, it serves as a getaway for travellers to discover new destinations, cultures, and experiences. The fair brings together travel enthusiasts, industry professionals, and exhibitors, creating a melting pot of ideas for your next adventure.

Find Info in English on the website

Looking for information about Vakantiebeurs, including the program, participants, and practical details about opening hours and accessibility? You can find all the details on the English-language page of the Vakantiebeurs website. Plan your visit, explore the offerings, and make the most of this travel extravaganza!