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De Leukste Workshop

Practice your Dutch | Dive into ‘Have the guts to speak Dutch’

Are you an expat ready to take your Dutch to the next level? Look no further! Starting Thursday May 23, Monique Verkerk, will launch an exciting course tailor-made for expats like you who are eager to immerse themselves in the Dutch language outside their language lessons.

A fresh approach to learning Dutch

‘Have The Guts To Speak Dutch’ isn’t a typical language course-it’s a lively, dynamic experience where you can practice your Dutch and mistakes are not just allowed but encouraged! Imagine a space filled with like-minded individuals, brimming with positivity, teamwork, and above all, fun!

Ideal for thise seeking a playful yet effective way to practice Dutch (minimum a solid Dutch level A2), this course promises an unforgettable journey of language discovery.

meet Monique Verkerk

Monique Verkerk is  the driving force behind this exhilarating course. With a background in primary education and a passion for improvisational theatre spanning nearly two decades, Monique brings a unique blend of experience and enthusiasm to every session.

As the founder of ‘De Leukste Workshop’ (The Most Fun Workshop), Monique has a knack for turning learning into a joyous adventure. Her improvisational theatre courses at ‘Stichting Hart’, in Haarlem-Centre are renowned for their engaging, interactive nature.

what to expect

Through a series of excercises and games, participants are invited to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the joy of self-expression. It’s a refreshing approach to learning-one that involves more doing than pondering, more laughter than hesitation.

Monique’s infectious energy and playful spirit ensure that every session is a memorable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a complete novice, this course welcomes all with open arms.

join monique for a trial class

Ready to dip your toes into the world of ‘Have The Guts To Speak Dutch’? Monique invites you to her exclusive trial class.

>>trial class<<

Don’t miss this chance. Sign up for the trial class and discover the excitement of speaking Dutch with confidence!

Thursday, April 25, 8 pm – 9.30 pm

Stichting Hart Haarlem, Kleine Houtweg 18, 2012 CH Haarlem

Costs: 5 Euro

Find more details and registration form for the trial class via this link





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