Connecting you to Dutch life And Making You Feel At Home

Just Moved To The Haarlem Area? Let's get settled with the help of Hello Haarlem

Just moved to the Haarlem Area? Whether it is practical support you are looking for while settling in or questions about where to find what in the Haarlem Area, Hello Haarlem can help you answering these questions. 

Hello Haarlem Brings Expats And Dutch Life Together

‘One has a question, the local business has the answer but they don’t know each other yet.

I believe in making life easier, fun and worthwhile by connecting both worlds.






Settled? Let's Explore The Beautiful Haarlem Area And Beyond

Time to explore the beautiful Haarlem area and beyond.

Join the Hello Haarlem walks on Monday and Friday mornings. It’s a nice way to start the week or weekend and meet other people.*

Do you like to explore other parts of The Netherlands? You’ll find tips on the travel page!



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