The Netherlands is a welcoming destination for both residenst and expats. To make your life in The Netherlands smoother, here’s a list of essential apps that will assist you in various aspects of daily living.

DigiD : Digital Identity Simplified

DigiD is your digital identity in The Netherlands. From accessing government services to filing taxes, this app streamlines various administrative processes. Your DigiD ensures secure online interactions with government agencies, making it an essential tool for residents and expats alike.

NS App : Seamless Train Travel

The NS ( Nederlandse Spoorwegen) app is indispensable for anyone using the Dutch railway system. From checking train schedules and buying tickets to real-time updates on delays, this app ensures a smooth and stress-free train travel experience across the country.

9292 : Your Journey Planner

9292 is the ultimate public transport planner. It provides real-time information on bus, tram, and metro schedules, helping you  navigate The Netherlands seamlessly. Whether you are a daily commuter or exploring a new city, 9292 ensures you’re always on the right track.

Snap Car : Care Hiring Made Easy

Navigating the Dutch cities is a breeze with Snap Car. This app facilitates car-sharing, allowing you to find and rent cars conveniently. Whether you need a vehicle for a day trip or a weekend getaway, Snap Car offers a flexible and sustainable transportation solution. 

Buienradar : Weather Wisdom in Your Pocket

Dutch weather can be unpredictable, but Buienradar can keep you one step ahead. This app provides up-to-the minute weather forecasts, including rain radar, so you can plan your activties without getting caught in unexpected downpours.

Tikkie : Easy Payment Requests

Splitting bills or sharing expenses? Tikkie simplifies the process of sending payment requests to friends and colleagues. Whether it’s for dinner, group activities, or household expenses, Tikkie ensures that everyone pays their fair share with just a few taps on their phones. 

Too Good To Go : The Sustainable Option To Avoid Food Waste

Too Good To Go is your go-to app. It’s an application that allows you to buy food from various supermarkets, restaurants or bakeries at very affordable prices. You receive a bag of food for only 5 Euros. It is worth mentioning that the products have a short expiration date but it is an idea to consume them in the week of purchase.

Butlon : Your Local Grocery Hero

Butlon brings the supermarket to your doorstep. This app allows you to order groceries online and have them delivered to your home within a few hours. From fresh products to household essentials, Butlon save you time and effort in the weekly grocery run. It is worth mentioning that the products are very economical because the expiration date is close. 

Marktplaats : The Dutch Marketplace

Marktplaats is the go-to app for buying and selling second-hand items in The Netherlands. From furniture to electronics to clothing and collectibles, you can find a wide array of goods. It’s not just a marketplace, it’s a sustainable way to shop and declutter your life. 


This is just a selection of the many apps available. There are, for instance, other apps that allow you to do your grocery shopping and even have it delivered. Consider apps like Albert Heijn, Picnic, Dekamarkt, Vomar, or Plusmarkt. We will cover other useful apps in a future blog post.

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