Celebrating Thanksgiving away From Home

Are you feeling a little homesick this Thanksgiving? You can still celebrate Thanksgiving in The Netherlands; you just need to know where to find those “must have” ingredients.

Whether yours will be a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner or something a little more adventurous, Helle Haarlem can connect you to the stores that will provide you with a much-needed taste of home.

Hello Haarlem researched the best places in Haarlem to find everything- from pots and pans to the oh-so-elusive canned pumpkin- you’ll need to make Thanksgiving in Haarlem feel like Thanksgiving at home.

Read on for detailed information about where to shop. And, have a happy Thanksgiving!

Where to buy a turkey

While turkey is synonymous with Thanksgiving in the United States, here in the Netherlands, it is traditionally eaten as part of Christmas dinner. So, for both holidays, it is important to order your turkey in advance.

You can place an order for turkey at most butchers around the city. But Hello Haarlem recommends the following for their high-quality turkeys:

1. Overveense Vleeshouwerij De Vries, Zijlweg 8, Overveen. Phone 023 – 5277485

This small family business was founded more than 100 years ago. Nowadays they supply their products to local restaurants.

It’s a hidden gem in the Haarlem area because it doesn’t look like a butcher shop. The main entrance can be found around the corner, at Zandvoorterpad. Just open the green door and you’ll find yourself in the shop. 

The shop’s come from France so you need to place an order about two weeks before you need it.

2. Wals Poelier, Bloemendaalseweg 48, Bloemendaal. Phone 023 – 5256821

This shop has been operated bt=y the same family since 1934. Today, it is managed by the daughter of the former owner. She and her team, women only, are experts who love to serve their clients.

Again, place an order for a turkey in advance to make sure you’ll have it in time for Thanksgiving.

3. Marqt, Gedempe Oude Gracht 66, Haarlem. Phone 023 – 8200929

You can also buy a turkey at Marqt, a Dutch supermarket that reminds me of the American high-end grocery store chain, Whole Foods Market.

4.  Van Leeuwen Vleesch, Kleverparkweg 8zw, Haarlem. Phone 023 – 5458342

This butcher shop has also a good reputation in the Haarlem area. Their second butcher shop can be found in Overveen.


It shouldn’t be a problem to find the trimmings and traditional side dishes that help round out a Thanksgiving dinner. Cranberries, sprouts, green beans and potatoes can all be found at local supermarkets and greengrocers.

Wondering where to buy marshmallows and pumpkin pie filling?

Here is where you can find the ingredients to create a sweet-as-pie ending to your Thanksgiving meal:

1. Food Market Mabrouk, Tuchthuisstraat 2, Haarlem. Phone 023 – 5320251

Mabrouk has about everything you need. Cranberries, brussels sprouts, beans, etc. 

You’ll find Mabrouk in the city center of Haarlem.

2. Marqt, Gedempte Oude Gracht 66, Haarlem. Phone 023 – 8200929

At Marqt (Dutch Whole Foods Market), you can buy your Thanksgiving trimmings too.

3. Supermarkets Albert Heijn, Vomar Voordeelmarkt, Dekamarkt

What can you find in the Dutch supermarkets? Just about everything even the turkey.

Pots, pans and more

Need a roasting pan or turkey baster? Look no further than these top-notch cooking supplies stores:

1. De Huismuis, Warmoesstraat 15, Haarlem. Phone 023 5322066

De Huismuis, founded in 1963, is a true paradise for people who like to cook. You’ll definitely find the right cooking equipment to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner. 

2. Voss, Hoofdsstraat 228, Santpoort – Noord. Phone 023 – 5378764

Not that far away from Haarlem, you’ll find Voss.

If you are looking for high-quality cooking supplies, this is the place for you.

Looking for a roasting pan? You’ll definitely find it at Voss.