Sinterklaas will arrive in The Netherlands on November 16th! This year the official national arrival will be in Apeldoorn. Looking at the recap of Sinterklaas arrivals you might wonder how on earth Sint and his team can be in so many cities or villages at the same time or day? Well you see, Sinterklaas has ‘hulp sinterklazen’, Sinterklaas assistants who are dressed just like him. By having these assistants Sinterklaas wants to make sure that every kid in The Netherlands will get his attention. Not that the kids are aware of this all… 😉 For them there is just one Sinterklaas.

A recap of Sinterklaas arrivals in the Haarlem Area


Sint will arrive Sunday, November 17th in the lovely city of Haarlem by boat, named Pakjesboot 13. Pakjesboot 13, that means this is the 12th boat loaded with gifts for the kids. Wow!

After a boat trip over the river Spaarne, Sint will disembark at Koudenhorn. From here, a tour on his horse Ozosnel, will start, slowly into the direction of the Grote Markt. At 2 p.m. mayor Wienen will welcome Sinterklaas with a speech.

Tip: Please come by bike or public transport to the city center. Walking into city center is even better. Due to the tour, some roads into city center might be blocked for several hours.


On Saturday, November 16th, Sinterklaas will arrive at the Herfstlaan, near the mill. At 12.30 p.m. Sint and his entourage will walk into the direction of the city hall. Here, mayor Astrid Nienhuis will welcome Sinterklaas at 12.45 p.m. There even will be a balcony scene.

After that, kids can meet Sinterklaas in person, shake hands and hand their drawings or wish list over to Sint or one of his Pieten.

On Sunday,November 17th, you can see Sinterklaas in action on a rooftop in the Jan van Goyenstraat! At 4.30 p.m. a bus with a Pieten band will drive into the street. Time to party! Kids can rehearse Sinterklaas songs together with the band. And finally Sinterklaas will appear on the rooftop of SPRING Heemstede.


On Saturday, November 16th, Sinterklaas and his entourage will arrive by train at the platform of the lovely train station of Overveen at 3.40 p.m.

The festivities in this charming village already start at 3.15  p.m. At that time the Pietenband named The MeloPieten will arrive to practise some Sinterklaas songs with the kids. They are easy to find, you’ll hear the music from a distance.

At about 3.30 p.m. the band, the kids, (grand)parents and the mayor of municipality Bloemendaal, mr. Roest, will walk to the train station to welcome Sinterklaas. After that, kids can shake hands with Sinterklaas.


Sinterklaas will arrive in Hoofddorp on Sunday, November 17th. He will be welcomed by mayor Marianne Schuurmans-Wijdeven at the stage at Raadhuisplein. Than a tour into the city center will start. The tour ends at Hoofdorp On Ice.

Festivities end at 4 p.m.


On Saturday, November 16th, Sinterklaas will arrive by boat in the harbour of Hillegom. At 11 a.m. a tour through Hillegom will start. The mayor of Hillegom will welcome Sint and his entourage in de Hoftuin at 11.30 a.m.

At 11.40 a.m. there will be a Pieten disco for the kids. This will end at noon.