Heritage Days

Every year, in the second weekend of September, the Heritage Days are being organized.

In the Netherlands, more than 80 percent of the Dutch municipalities will open the doors of ancient monuments. Doors which are not always open to visitors.

Monuments in Haarlem

This is your chance to pay a free visit to the most extraordinary monuments in Haarlem.

Didn’t you have a chance yet to visit the Grote or Sint Bavokerk at the Grote Markt? Or the mill ‘De Adriaan’, Teylers Museum or the Cathedral amongst others? This your chance!

Which Haarlem Monuments open the doors?

On the website www.OpenMonumentendag.nl you can check which monuments in Haarlem open the doors.

Fill in Haarlem in the box ‘Plaatsnaam’ and click on the box ‘Tegelweergave’ to get the whole list.

Covid 19 measures

Keep in mind that you have to register in advance once you picked out a specific monument from the list.

You have to show a printed registration confirmaton or a registration on your cell phone at the door.

On certain spots also activities such as workshops or guided tours will be organized.

For those who rather avoid crowds, there is also a possibilty to do virtual tours.


Open Monumentendag – Heritage Days 2020

Saturday, September 12th & Sunday, September 13.