The holidays are just around the corner. People are looking for a wine that goes well with the Christmas menu. Others are looking for a gift to put under the Christmas tree.

A visit to Gall & Gall Heemstede

When you are looking for wine or spirits, a visit to Gall & Gall Heemstede is worthwhile.

The owners Marcel and Hilde, along with their team welcome you seven days a week at two locations in Heemstede.

Being proud of the Gall & Gall formula, they go the extra mile for their clientele. Next to the wine and spirits, Gall & Gall Heemstede offers services such as lending and rental service of beer tap, bar tables, Bacardi Cocktail bar, and glassware.

The owners and their team know the products they sell very well. Are you looking for a present or a nice bottle of wine? Whether you are having a party or are interested in a wine or whiskey tasting, Marcel and Hilda and their team will answer all of your questions.

Wine and Whiskey Tastings

Marcel and Hilda also organize wine and whiskey tastings in the tasting room attached to the shop, located at the Blekersvaartweg. These informative tastings take place on a Sunday afternoon or a midweek evening. Needless to say that due to Covid 19, tastings cannot take place.

Delivery Service

Gall & Gall Heemstede offers delivery service in Heemstede, Haarlem or Bloemendaal and the surrounding area.

For purchases of 50 Euro and more, delivery is free of charge.

In short, Gall & Gall Heemstede is well worth a visit!


Gall & Gall Heemstede

Binnenweg 108

T 023 – 5490929

Blekersvaartweg 74 – 76

T 023 – 5475451

Click here to check the opening hours of both locations