Welcome the New Year with a refreshing start by participating in the traditional New Year’s Dive on January 1st. This invigorating tradition, which began in 1960 in Zandvoort, has now became a widely embraced way to kick off the year with a splash into the North Sea. Join in the 64th edition of this event in Zandvoort, initiated by Ok van Batenburg and a groupf of swimmers from Haarlem.


The festivities kick off at noon with a preparatory program near the ‘Haven van Zandvoort.’ Enjoy performances and engage in a light warm-up to get ready for the main event.

At 1:45 pm, an intensive warm-up session begins, leading up to the exciting moment at 2 2 pm when the New Year’s Dive officially starts.

After a brief and refreshing dip in the sea, warm up quickly with a cup of traditional pea soup generously provided by the main sponsor, UNOX.

Donations Welcome

Participation in the New Year’s Dive is free of charge, but each year, a donation is encouraged to support a charitable cause.

During this New Year’s Dive, contributions are requested for KNRM Zandvoort, the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2024.

Donations can be made on the beach or through this link.


The event takes place Boulevard de Favauge and is easy accessible by bike. If you’re arriving by train, it’s just a 5-minute walk from the train station. For those driving, convenient parking is available at De Zuid parking lot.