When you cycle or drive into the Stephensonstraat in the direction of the Vomar supermarket, your attention may be caught by pink letters ‘ De Stookkamer’ on a fence on your left

De Stookkamer – How it started

Lotte de Haan, Hesje Andersson and Maaike Postma are the founders of this young hub of creativity.

After some research carried out by Lotte de Haan, in collaboration with the Gemeente Haarlem, the developer of a new construction project and the neighborhood residents, and a podcast initiated by Hesje, the team concluded there was a demand for a place where neighborhood residents could meet up. A place that brings people together.

What De Stookkamer offers

De Stookkamer in Haarlem South-West is a place for the residents by the residents.

Once you enter the cozy living room, you immediately notice the creative atmosphere.

Looking for a coworking space other than your home office? De Stookkamer has you covered. Throw in some hot coffee, freshly prepared by Frankie Local, as well a quiet space to make phone calls and you have everything you need!

There is also a big room available where bigger groups can come together to attend meetings or workshops.

Initiatives by residents are most welcome. De Stookkamer will encourage and facilitate this.

De Stookkamer is a great addition to Haarlem South-West!


De Stookkamer

Open Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. Open on Saturdays and Sundays if there are weekend activities.

Stephensonstraat 38 (walk through the fence)

2014 KD Haarlem

Phone 06 23036210