A few weeks ago I received an invitation to pay a visit to the Cordemeijers at the Food Union in the Waarderpolder, the base of Cordemeijers’ business.

How it all started

It all started about eight years ago. Hans Cordemeijer had visited Italy quite often on business when he fell in love with the country and to this day his family vacations are spent in Tuscany.

Through local contacts, Hans met sausage makers. A new hobby was born. He attended workshops and finetuned his hobby at home.

Hans gradually started to sell the homemade sausages at farmers’ markets. People were enthusiastic instantly. The very first time he presented them, at a farmers’ market at Fort Penningsveer, Cordemeijer was sold out.

Hans, supported by his family, went through a period of selling at farmers’ markets. In the meantime, he took the time to finetune the process of sausage making from home.

He bought a secondhand fridge which he built into an airy cupboard.

From hobby to serious business

More and more people learned about the products Hans made. Time to expand and start a real business! Cordemeijer, A Tasty Family was born in May 2020.

The tagline ‘A Tasty Family’, exactly covers what Cordemeijer stands for. The whole family is involved. And more importantly, they all love Italian food.

Son Bob learned how to produce both dry and fresh sausages from his dad Hans. Annelies is head of testing new recipes. On Wednesdays, she supports Bob by keeping the airy cupboards clean, amongst other things.

On Saturdays daughter Maud and son Wessel assist the rest of the family at the Botermarkt.

Italian products 

Over the last few months, the product range has expanded. Along with dry and fresh sausages, the family now produces salami and ham. Also added to the product range are products made in Italy by Italian family businesses. Pecorino cheese, olives, extra virgin olive oil, and different wines.

Hans en Annelies know the Italian business owners in person.

It is important to the Cordemeijers to know that the Italian producers have the same passion for what they make.

Where can we buy delicious homemade products?

Would you like a fancy meeting with the family? The Cordemeijers are at Saturdays’ market at the Botermarkt, Haarlem city center. Once a month, they have a stall at the organic market at the Kweektuin.

You can also order all products online via the webshop.

Borrelbox Cordemeijer Borrelbox Cordemeijer