Holidays are almost over. But where and how can you hand in your Christmas tree?

Collection in Haarlem

From January 4th – January 15th, trees will be collected by Spaarnelanden.

You can hand in your trees before 10 a.m by leaving them on the sidewalk or the spot where you normally would leave the roll container. Do NOT leave the tree in your garden.

Collection days per district

District North, west of Rijksstraatweg*

Monday, January 4th and 11th

District East

Tuesday, January 5th and 12th

District North, east of Rijksstraatweg*

Wednesday, January 6th and 13th

District Schalkwijk

Thursday, January 7th and 14th

District South-West

Friday, January 8th and 15th

Haarlem City Center

As of December 27th, trees left on the sidewalks will be taken away by Spaarlanden as quickly as possible.

* West of Rijkstraatweg : 

Kleverpark, Bomenbuurt, Planetenwijk, Sinnevelt, De Krim, Delftwijk

*East of Rijksstraatweg:

Patrimoniumbuurt, Frans Halsbuurt, Transvaalbuurt, Indischebuurt Noord en Zuid, Dietsveld, Vogelenbuurt, Vondelkwartier, Spaarndam


Collection days in the municipality of Bloemendaal

The Christmas tree collection in the municipality of Bloemendaal will take place on Thursday, January 7th, and Friday, January 8th.

You can leave the tree on the sidewalk, the night before the collection, not earlier.

Check the collection day in your district by filling in your postal code on this Meerlanden website page

Collection day in Heemstede

On Wednesday, January 6th, Christmas trees will be collected in Heemstede.

You can leave your tree on the spot where you would leave your green waste roll container, before 7 a.m.

If you want to get rid of the tree before or after January 6th, cut the tree into pieces, and put it in the green waste roll container or underground green waste container.