It’s wise to review whether your health insurance still alligns with your needs and covers potential risks. Your medical situation may have changed, or insurance providers may have adjusted their coverages. Sometimes reimbursements are eliminated, or coverage shifts from basic to supplememtary insurance or vice versa. Sufficient reason to check your health insurance annually, comparing it with your current medical needs and exploring coverages offered by other insurers. You can do this through different comparison sites.


The deadline for switching is 31st of December. If you decide to switch, comparison sites make it easy. Simply input your personal details and desired coverages, and they handle the application process, including canceling your old policy.

If you prefer managing the switch yourself, remember to cancel your current insurance before January 1 and secure the new one before February 1. The new coverage retroactively begins from January 1.

Once you have assessed and compared options, if you opt for a different policy with your current insurer, make this change by December 31.


After evaluating your medical situation, you can visit a comparison site. Keep in mind that not all options may be displayed on each site, and criteria for searching additional coverages may vary, influencing the results. Some comparison sites include:




After making your choice, fill in your personal details and desired coverages on the comparison site. They handle the application and cancellation of your old policy. Seek advice to avoid financial surprises.

You can always get in touch with the experts of the comparison sites by chat, whatsapp or phone and ask for advice. Zorgkiezer even has a page in English on health insurer comparison for expats and students, and so does

For information on the Dutch health care system in various languages, visit  the website of zorgverzekeringslijn. Zorgkiezer also explains more on the Dutch health care system in English.


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