Are you an expat living in Haarlem or the surrounding area looking for weekend activities? The European Championship has begun, and today the Dutch team kicks off their first match in Hamburg. Hamburg is turning orange with the presence of Dutch supporters dressed in orange outfits. In Haarlem, you can follow this match on large screens at several locations. Grab a beer and some bitterballen and cheer for Oranje! Here are the Hello Haarlem picks.

seven places where you can watch Poland vs. The Netherlands:

Café de Paris, Kruisweg 55, Haarlem – minutes away from train station Haarlem

Sportcafé Haarlem, Gedempte Raamgracht 78, Haarlem

Café ‘t Kantoor, Gierstraat 78, Haarlem

Café van Gunsteren, Breestraat 11, Haarlem – Vijfhoek neighborhood

Café ‘t Hemeltje, Bloemendaalseweg 102, Bloemendaal

‘t Wapen van Kennemerland, Ramplaan 125, Haarlem. Reservation needed.

Do you prefer to watch the European Championship match at home? You can watch the game on NPO 1. The match starts at 3 p.m.

Where will you watch this football match? Share it with the readers.