Sint Maarten 2020

Published on 10 November 2020
Sint Maarten 11 November

On November 11th, children in The Netherlands celebrate Sint Maarten. Around 6 p.m. children will go door-to-door singing songs in exchange for candy.

This year, due to Corona, there are strongly advised instructions for all people involved.


The advice by the city of Haarlem and the municipality of Bloemendaal

For children and their accompanying parents

# Walk in small groups, accompanied by a max of 2 adults.

# Take the social distancing rule of 1,5 meters in mind.

# Accept individually wrapped candy only.

For people who will open up the door

# Put a lantern or light outside your front door so kids know they are welcome to sing a song.

# Measure the 1,5 meters to your front door by using tape or chalk.

# Give individually wrapped candy only.

# Do you belong to a risk group? Stay at home and do NOT open your front door.

# Should you have Corona related complaints, do NOT open the door.

# Put a note at your front door, telling children and parents that you will not participate this year, e.g. Ik Doe Dit Jaar Niet Mee.’


Practical Tips and Historical Facts

Get some practical tips and some background info here.